WATCH: LEGO Motorised Lighthouse’s light is its second best feature

As 21335 Motorised Lighthouse joins the LEGO Ideas line up, it seems there’s more to this set than just the most obvious feature.

The 43rd set to join the LEGO Ideas theme is the Motorised Lighthouse. A towering edifice on a storm battered rocky outcrop, its light provides comfort and guidance to LEGO ships sailing the rocky, blocky seas. But while the main, revolving light is the feature that probably stands out to the casual observer, there’s more to be found in this stunning looking set.

You’ve got a few weeks to wait before this set is released on September 1, but you can take a look around inside, courtesy of our latest YouTube short. In just 45 seconds, you can get up close with the newest Ideas set, and all without having to take a hazardous boat ride to get there.

If YouTube is a bit too old school for you, and TikTok is your thing, well, we’ve got that covered as well. Let it never be said that Brick Fanatics isn’t your definitive multi-platform LEGO resource.


LEGO Motorised Lighthouse’s second light is its best feaure

? original sound – brickfanatics

21335 Motorised Lighthouse contains 2065 pieces and will be available from September 1 for £264.99 / $299.99 / €299.99.

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One thought on “WATCH: LEGO Motorised Lighthouse’s light is its second best feature

  • 19/08/2022 at 05:05

    Would it be the Lego Exclusive or I could buy from other retail stores?


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