WATCH: Nightmare Before Christmas LEGO Ideas set to be reviewed

Sliding in under the wire with just moments to spare, The Nightmare Before Christmas makes it into the latest LEGO Ideas review.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! LEGO fan designer Tvrulesmylife (Or Simon Scott, to his Mum) first submitted a Nightmare Before Christmas design to LEGO Ideas back in 2020. Despite it reaching the required 10,000 votes, it didn’t make it though the review stage. Not to be deterred, he’s back with a new and improved design, and once again he’s gained the support he needs to go through to the next stage.

You can see more about the design in our over-in-less-than-a-minute video. If you’re in the office you can watch it while you walk down the corridor to grab a coffee, or go and see Steve about that report. If you’re at home, well you can pretty much do what you like – we’re not going to say anything. Just click play on the video below.

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What’s this?! Nightmare Before Christmas LEGO Ideas project to be reviewed

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