WATCH: Is this the grossest LEGO Ideas project so far?

LEGO Ideas projects come in many shapes and sizes, but probably none of them have been quite as gross as the one featured in our latest YouTube video.

LEGO and sewers aren’t completely alien bedfellows: whether it’s ninja turtles fighting through them or just LEGO City sets alluding to them, we’ve had plenty of sets that peek below the streets. What none of those models have done, though, is recreate the horrific reality of what’s actually lurking beneath our feet. Cue MOCingbird’s latest Ideas project, which has now cracked the 10K mark – and might well be the platform’s grossest project so far.

Take a closer look at exactly what’s so horrifying about this project – and why it could well be on the LEGO Group’s radar come the third 2022 review – by checking out our latest YouTube video. Plus, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be among the first to see all our brand new LEGO content.

Prefer to learn the grim truth of sewage waste through a platform other than YouTube? Hit play on the video below to check us out on TikTok, and make sure to follow us for more hard-hitting impressions of what the future of LEGO could look like. Because, yes, this could one day become a real LEGO set.

Click here to read more about Sewer Heroes: Fighting the Fatberg. We’ll find out whether it’s made the grade by summer 2023, alongside a slightly more appealing portrait of modern-day living.

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Chris Wharfe

I like to think of myself as a journalist first, LEGO fan second, but we all know that’s not really the case. Journalism does run through my veins, though, like some kind of weird literary blood – the sort that will no doubt one day lead to a stress-induced heart malfunction. It’s like smoking, only worse. Thankfully, I get to write about LEGO until then. You can follow me on Twitter at @brfa_chris.

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