We’re already getting a LEGO Marvel Ironheart minifigure

Courtesy of the LEGO Marvel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever sets, the first Ironheart minifigure has been revealed ahead of the upcoming series.

As reiterated at San Diego Comic-Con, Ironheart is coming in autumn 2023 starring Dominique Thorne as genius inventor Riri Williams. In the comics, Riri creates a suit of Iron Man armour while studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. How this will translate to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to be seen, but we know that the character will make her debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

A minifigure of Ironheart will also appear in 76211 Shuri’s Sunbird with what seems to be an early version of her armour, though the blurry picture makes it difficult to see the finer details. Thanks to other Black Panther: Wakanda Forever merchandise including her Funko POP! figure, we can take a closer look at this design.

The suit appears to be bare bones compared to traditional Iron Man armour but it does include one large grabbing claw, as replicated on the minifigure, boosters attached to the legs and back and a chest harness with the arc reactor.

This minifigure in 76211 Shuri’s Sunbird offers an early opportunity to get a LEGO version of the character ahead of the Ironheart series, especially since there’s no guarantee that Ironheart will get sets or minifigures. To date, only four of the seven Disney+ Marvel shows have received at least one minifigure so far.

We’re still waiting on better images for the LEGO Marvel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever models, but you check out the other two by clicking here in the meantime.

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