Westworld opening gets the LEGO animation treatment

A YouTube user has recreated the opening to Westworld, LEGO style.

The haunting opening title sequence to Westworld has been recreated using digital LEGO elements. Culture Geek draws our attention to Critters’ faithful recreation of the opening to the science-fiction western television series.

Each episode of the acclaimed series opens with imagery evoking The Man of Vitruvius, showing the creation of life forms in a way that is relevant to the series’ storyline. Using the LEGO skeleton, minifigure and a brick built sheep, Critters has used LEGO icons to represent the actual opening titles to the HBO series.

Westworld sees Evan Rachel Wood’s character of Delores slowly discover that the world around her is not what she thought, while Anthony Hopkins’ Ford attempts to maintain control of his world.

One month ago, a LEGO Worlds and Fortnite fan combined the two in a video that quickly wracked up views from audiences around the world.


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