What are the posters in LEGO Star Wars 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle based on?

Whilst we await the release of LEGO Star Wars 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle, we can’t help but ponder on a pair of mysterious stickers that are apparently based on the show. 

In the very same interview where the LEGO designers discussed a pair of speeder bikes for which they had no context, they also confirmed that two posters on the interior of the upcoming Star Wars set can apparently be found in the show. 

Whilst most of the scenes within the ship from the Disney+ series are dimly lit, the concept art gallery on StarWars.com is not and has given us a clear look at the realistic designs that the stickers are based on. 

Out of the two designs, one is very clearly depicting a Clone Trooper helmet with some Aurabesh writing that translates to ‘History’. Aurabesh is a fantastical language in the Star Wars universe, just in case you were unaware. There’s also some more writing which unfortunately doesn’t manage to work its way into the final sticker. 

Whilst partially obscured by a glare from the light, the other design portrays a Providence-class carrier/destroyer ship belonging to the separatists – an enemy faction to the Republic. Only a small amount of Aurabesh from the original poster can be found in this sticker too, but what is there translates to ‘Space battles’. 

It’s just another small detail in 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle Star Wars set, which also contains a reference to one of the show’s earliest episodes and a spoiler for one of the biggest twists in the series so far. 

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