What LEGO fans can expect from Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Star Wars Celebration returns to Orlando to mark the 40th anniversary of Star Wars and look ahead to The Last Jedi – and maybe beyond…

Star Wars Celebration Orlando kicks off today and lasts until Sunday, promising plenty of reveals about the future of Star Wars, including a first look at The Last Jedi. Back in 2015, the event took place in Anaheim and the famous ‘we’re home’ trailer took the venue – and Internet – by storm. For LEGO fans the trailer was a great opportunity to see what potential sets would be on the way, so here are the things to look out for from the 2017 event. Stay on target at Brick Fanatics to get the news as it becomes available…

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi follows on from 2015’s The Force Awakens, with Rian Johnson taking on directing duties for the next installment in the Star Wars saga. The director will appear alongside Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy with special guests – based on previous Star Wars Celebration events, this is where new designs from the film and the first trailer will drop. The Friday panel will give LEGO fans a chance to pore over the new movie designs and speculate about the sets that might be released be based on them.


Star Wars Rebels Season Four

Star Wars Rebels provides plenty of rich source material for the LEGO design team to draw from, and Executive Producer Dave Filoni will be joined on stage by the show’s cast to share a first look at Season Four. With designs inspired by classic Ralph McQuarrie concept art and the imagination of Filoni’s team, the series expands the Star Wars galaxy in the era leading up to A New Hope.

Inside the LEGO Group

Designing the LEGO Star Wars Galaxy will see the theme’s Brand Manager, Rob Johnson, give a deep look into the behind the scenes process of taking a LEGO Star Wars set from concept to production. This is one to watch, with the LEGO Group rarely offering such a peek behind the curtain.

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season Two

Showrunners Bill Motz and Bob Roth will take the stage on Sunday to give fans a look behind the scenes of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. With Season Two now confirmed, air dates are expected to be announced along with some clips from the show. 75185 Tracker I and 75186 The Arrowhead might get a little context.


LEGO spaces on the show floor

The LEGO booth on the show floor promises at least one exclusive set, Detention Block Rescue (spoiler: there won’t be enough available). It’s unlikely any new products will be revealed, unless the buildable BB-8 that is rumoured is considered safe for public viewing. The rest of The Last Jedi range, due to drop on September 1, will presumably not be revealed in advance – assuming it is the same formula as it was for The Force Awakens.

Han Solo first look?

The show’s closing ceremony is one to watch, as Star Wars Celebration Europe saw Alden Ehrenreich introduced on stage and officially confirmed to be playing Han Solo in the upcoming stand alone movie. This time, there may be extra information from The Last Jedi revealed, or even a first look at designs or clips from the same untitled Han Solo film. Less likely, but certainly possible, is an announcement for future Star Wars films such as the rumoured Obi-Wan Kenobi stand alone.

Star Wars Battlefront II

On Saturday fans will get a first look at Star Wars: Battlefront II – this is unlikely to provide anything too relevant for LEGO fans specifically, but there were a few battle packs released based on the last Battlefront game in 2015. So it may be worth looking out for characters and vehicles that may get the LEGO treatment.


40th Anniversary opener

40 Years of Star Wars will see a star-studded line up of Star Wars talent appearing on stage together to celebrate the anniversary of the saga, which is unlikely to reveal anything new but will undoubtedly be a lot of fun for Star Wars fans.

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