What would you do with 111 LEGO gears?

If you’ve got too many spare

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gears lying around, then this mechanism might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Everyone has a few spare bricks in their collections that have never had a use, but for Technic fans, you might have several

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gears free of any device. Well one LEGO YouTuber has developed a very unique use for them, if slightly useless.

Brick Experiment Channel is back with another LEGO machine but instead of breaking metal, their sights are set on getting as many gears as possible to spin using just one Power Functions motor.

To be honest, we’re not sure exactly what purpose this particular device has, other than spinning a dial on either side of the gear train, but at the very least the YouTuber has managed to find a use for spare LEGO gears. As part of the experiment, the number of gears was increased one by one all the way up to 111 pieces, where the motor was struggling to power through any more.

We can’t blame the motor for not managing any further gears, after all, it’s not exactly the intended purpose for it. Either way, it’s certainly an interesting experiment and one that showed the might of these little motors in ways we’ve never seen (or wondered about) before.

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