Which LEGO sets are likely to increase in price?

Following the announcement that certain LEGO sets will rise in price later this year, the question remains of which models this could affect.

The LEGO Group have revealed that a selection of models will see their prices rise later this year as a result of ‘global economic challenges’ featuring ‘increased raw material and operating costs’. The change will depend on the size of each set, and we’re not entirely sure which builds will be part of this pricing update. However, it has been disclosed that around a quarter of the current portfolio will be affected.

Earlier this year, a similar collection of price changes were introduced for some models in the UK. This affected huge models such as 75192 Millennium Falcon which rose from £649.99 to £699.99. However, it also saw costs drop with 10294 Titanic reduced to £554.99 from £569.99 and 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer to £614.99 from £649.99.

This time, costs will only go in one direction though – up. With that in mind, it could be that bigger builds are more likely to be affected by this incoming change since they use more ‘raw materials’ for their bricks than smaller models. The list of big sets has become numerous in recent years, but it may be that 10302 Optimus Prime, 31203 World Map, 75192 Millennium Falcon and similarly-sized models are more likely for a price increase.

LEGO announces prices will rise later this year amid ‘increased costs’
LEGO.com raises and lowers prices of huge sets for 2022

Ultimately, we don’t know which sets will see their prices raised and we likely won’t know more until this change takes place in August and September 2022, when this will be rolled out. It might be wise not to wait on any must-have models you have on your wishlist just in case. Those who do choose to order a build before these price changes can currently get a free 40533 Cosmic Cardboard Adventures with purchases of £160 / $160 / €160 or more until June 14, 2022.

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