Why LEGO double VIP points is the best time to buy

A new double VIP points event is on the way for the official online store, but what is it about this offer that makes it the best time to buy sets?

Anyone new or unfamiliar with the world of LEGO might be confused at the mention of VIP points. In summary, these digital credits are earned by anyone with a free account on the official online store whenever a purchase is made.

The more you spend, the more points you earn. These can then be put towards exclusive rewards in the VIP Rewards Centre or alternatively, money off future orders. That latter option can be useful when looking to get massive and exclusive models from LEGO.com such as 75313 AT-AT, though conversion from points to discounts differs between regions.

LEGO Star Wars 75313 AT AT 17

Being able to save on official online store orders is also what makes a double VIP points event the best time to buy, with the overall discount upped from 5% cashback to 10% for a limited time. That deal might not sound huge, but can be used on anything on LEGO.com, no matter how big.

In short, making a purchase on the official online store without a VIP account means you’re missing out on future savings, and those savings will soon be doubled from February 24 to 28 in some regions and reportedly from March 12 to 14 in others.

We’ve got a few FAQs to read through below should you wish to familiarise yourself with the LEGO VIP program before the event begins:

What are LEGO VIP points?

LEGO VIP points are a digital form of credit exclusive to the official online store and you earn an amount equal to what you spend on every purchase, provided you have a free account.

How do you spend LEGO VIP points?

You can spend your acquired LEGO VIP points in the VIP Rewards Centre by selecting an option on the drop-down menus, one of which was recently revamped for easier use.

What can you spend LEGO VIP points on?

LEGO VIP points can be put towards exclusive rewards, physical and digital, including tickets to attractions and entry into sweepstakes. Alternatively, you can spend them on discounts on future purchases.

How big are the discounts for LEGO VIP points?

The LEGO VIP discounts come in increments of £5 / €5 / $5 with larger bundles up to £100 / €100 / $100. Simply select the option you wish to redeem and spend your points, you will then receive a code on the VIP section of LEGO.com that can be applied to any order. Overall, LEGO VIP discounts are equivalent to 5% cashback, doubled to 10% during limited events.

When is the next double LEGO VIP points event?

At the time of writing, the next double VIP points event is scheduled for February 24 to 28 in the UK and March 12 to 14 in the US, with further regions to be confirmed.

What else do LEGO VIP members have access to?

As well as discounts and other rewards, LEGO VIP members also have early access to selected products and exclusive gifts during other limited events such as the annual. LEGO VIP Weekend.

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