Are we ever going to see another LEGO Stranger Things set?

LEGO Stranger Things kicked off with a bang when 75810 The Upside Down was released, and then it went nowhere. Could it live again?

Suffice to say that for many LEGO fans, the announcement of 75810 The Upside Down didn’t so much come out of left field, but a field so far left that you had to turn right to see it. Based on a Netflix smash that came out of nowhere, this weird, funny, retro and not-a-little-creepy series seemed like one of the least likely fits for the LEGO Group when the first season aired back in 2016.

But then in 2019, The Upside Down appeared. None of the ‘Let’s test the waters with a small set and see whether people go for it’ approach.  This was all in from the word go. A remarkable, 2,000+ element build rendered the Byers house as it appeared in ‘the real world’, and, like a reflection in some awful, dystopian pond, below it sat the same house, but in ‘the Upside Down’, the bizarre ‘otherworld’ that became such a part of the show.

And then… nothing, other than a small model of Castle Byers, the hut that the unfortunate Will Byers had built in the woods. The LEGO Group managed to draw in a whole new group of fans with the launch of the main set, and then immediately… annoy them… by making Castle Byers almost impossible to get hold of. And then they did it again, with a Comic Con exclusive minifigure of Barb. Did we do something to annoy you, LEGO Group?

After a few years of radio silence, we got a new Brickheadz set, 40549 Demogorgon and Eleven and a keyring. Be still our beatings hearts! But with the much anticipated launch of season four earlier in the year, might there be something being cooked up in the LEGO lab? We had to wait three years for the first set to appear, so maybe we just need to be patient.

Having said that, season four seems to have ramped up the horror in comparison to earlier shows, so maybe the LEGO Group are just drawing a veil over proceedings and hoping that nobody notices. We really hope it’s not the end though. We wouldn’t mind seeing the lab recreated, but let’s face it – what every Stranger Things fan wants is Starcourt Mall, complete with a hidden laboratory in the basement. We can but hope!

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