Write / Build for us

Brick Fanatics is an established website within the LEGO world and community, with a large and rapidly-expanding audience. Run by a team of AFOLs with a passion for all things brick-based, we are a Recognised Fan Media website, as part of the LEGO Group’s RLFM Support Program. And we’re always on the lookout for new talent to join the team.

News Editor

Are you ahead of everyone when it comes to the latest LEGO news and views? If so, you may find your calling as an integral member of the news team. Play a part in the editorial direction and growth of the site, attend exclusive events, meet all sorts of people inside the LEGO world, and get to review the latest releases, all in the search of the very best coverage in Brick Fanatics’ name.

Reviews and features*

Perhaps you are a connoisseur when it comes to LEGO sets or video games, with an opinion, experience or observation worthy of making any LEGO set review that much more intriguing? Or you are the prime expert on all things NINJAGO, Elves, or any specific theme past or present? Or, you have an unrivalled knowledge and insight into the LEGO Group’s deep history? A place in the Reviews and Features team may be your calling.

Build Fanatic*

Are you a builder with the flexibility and brick vocabulary capable of turning almost anything into LEGO form? Maybe your construction work is in search of the size of audience it deserves? Or perhaps your Master Builder aspirations stretch as far as Billund? Make a name for yourself as a part of Brick Fanatics’ Build Team. Showcase your creations; lead and discuss techniques and parts usage in the community; chat with prominent LEGO builders around the globe; and inspire the next generation of AFOLs by bringing ideas and creative conversation to a large and fast-growing audience of like-minded LEGO fans.

And even if none of the above roles suit you, but you feel that your LEGO life has been leading up to this very point, you may be the Brick Fanatic we’re looking for.

If you are interested in joining Brick Fanatics and being part of a team whose love, passion and very existence is all things LEGO, then email our Editor, Graham, at [email protected].

*Please note, photography is an integral part of any LEGO reviewer and builder’s repertoire. The ability to photograph LEGO to a publishable standard is required for any Brick Fanatic.