Get ready for your favourite Christmas movies with LEGO Ideas 21330 Home Alone

Nothing says Christmas like a booby-trap filled house. Pick up the LEGO Ideas 21330 Home Alone set with a discount from Zavvi.

Okay, confession time. I’ve never seen Home Alone. But I have seen the LEGO Ideas Home Alone set, and it’s awesome. And to make it even better, you can pick it up with a £10 discount thanks to LEGO Ideas deals and Zavvi, which gets it down to just £249.99. So come with me as I try to put some Home Alone quotes in this article without looking like an idiot.

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“All kids, no parents. Probably a fancy orphanage.” Nope. Just one of the coolest LEGO Ideas sets we’ve seen in the past few years. With nearly 4,000 pieces, this set lets you construct the McCallister House in all its glory. With the facade closed, this would be perfect as a delightful Christmas addition to any home. However, once you open it up, the fun begins!

“Merry Christmas, little fella. We know that you’re in there and that you’re all alone.” Harry, one of the five minifigures that come with this set is full of misplaced confidence, as the Wet Bandits are assaulted by the many booby traps that Kevin sets up. And the set is full of opportunities to replicate those traps and tricks, from the rotating record player and train set, to sledging down the stairs.

Of course the swinging paint cans are included, along with a light up brick in the furnace. Outside the house is the treehouse, and of course the bandits’ van. This is just scratching the surface, as the set has so much detail you’ll be finding references to the film long after you’ve finished building it.

Click to buy your copy of 21330 Home Alone from Zavvi for just £249.99 ya filthy animal

“Why the hell are you dressed as a chicken?”  I have no idea why someone is dressed as a chicken, so please leave a comment below and tell me. But in the meantime, why not grab this set for a great price? 

Home Alone has become a Christmas tradition, and you’ll want to build this set every year. Zavvi offer a number of options to get your own McCallister house. Click and Collect is just £2.99 and it’s the same price for Standard Delivery. If you can’t wait, then next day delivery is available seven days a week for £5.99. Just make sure you order by 11pm.

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