Young carer receives special LEGO gift for Christmas

A heart warming tale of Christmas charity saw a young carer presented with a surprise LEGO gift after London Evening Standard readers were moved by his story.

Eight year old Beau Broomfield was surprised at the LEGO Store Leicester Square, where he was presented with a £500 voucher that had been crowdfunded by London Evening Standard readers. Patrons were moved to contribute after reading that Beau is the main carer for his chronically ill mother.

The Standard covered the moment that Krystel Baeza, who had organised the crowdfunding, presented Beau with the gift:

After a chocolate cone at La Gelatiera, Ms Baeza walked him to the Lego store, sat him down on a Lego-constructed bench and said: “We heard your Christmas was cancelled last year because your mum was in hospital. This gift comes from over 100 people who read your story in the Evening Standard and were inspired by your incredible care for your mother and want you to have the coolest Christmas ever.”


In total, readers donated more than £2,500 to Beau via the GoFundMe page set up by Ms Baeza in response to our Lost Childhoods investigation.

The remaining £2,000 will be deposited into Beau’s bank account to fund future treats. Beau was also given cards filled with admiring comments from donors. One reader, Hugo, wrote: “It’s not easy being a man when you are still a little boy. I hope this brings you a lot of happiness.”

After the initial shock, Beau hunted the LEGO Store for the sets he most desired – and wisely selected The LEGO NINJAGO Movie 70620 NINJAGO City, a set he would not otherwise have received.

The Standard has been running a campaign to draw attention to children whose hardship might go unnoticed by official bodies.



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