Your guide to collecting every LEGO VIDIYO BeatBit

With the new range of LEGO VIDIYO sets comes a collection of printed tiles that are scattered through the sets, but one guide is providing a checklist of every BeatBit you can collect.

LEGO VIDIYO recently released six BeatBox sets and the first series of 43101 Bandmates and aside from the colourful cast of characters that inhabit them, some new printed tiles are available throughout the sets, with a hint of randomness making them harder to collect. Thankfully, one Twitter user has a solution.

 Yaj_RedNinja has compiled an image of all 104 BeatBits into a single image, which was then shared by Brickset.

LEGO VIDIYO beatbit guide

Not only does this give a great look at all of the available BeatBits and their designs but it’s not a bad way for collectors to keep tracking and tick off each tile as they collect them. Unfortunately, you’re still going to have to buy quite a lot of VIDIYO sets, which are currently reduced at certain retailers for a launch offer.

There are quite a few references in the VIDIYO tiles as we can see thanks to this image, including one to Space Invaders and various music album covers. Some are even references to characters from the theme itself, but all would work well as advertisements in a city display.

The LEGO VIDIYO sets are available now from the official online LEGO store with 43101 Bandmates including three BeatBits each and BeatBoxes containing 14 individual tiles each.

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