YouTuber builds working bass guitar from LEGO bricks

A YouTuber has built a lime-green working bass guitar out of LEGO bricks.

Aside from some necessary extras, like metallic fastenings for the strings and a wooden neck, the guitar is made almost entirely from roughly 2,000 LEGO pieces. YouTuber BurlsArt regularly makes guitars out of unlikely materials, like coffee beans and Himalayan salt, but this is our personal favourite build of his.

The body of the guitar is made from green, cream, yellow, and white pieces, laid out in concentric geometric circles. The layers are glued together, for extra stability when playing, and the wooden neck is also glued on. The shape of the guitar is perfectly smooth, as he cuts through the bricks with a saw, rather than sculpting it out of the pieces themselves.

At the end of the build, the YouTuber is able to play a brief song on the guitar, proving that it works technically as well as offering a distinctive look. He’s not the only creative mind who’s tried to combine music and LEGO bricks recently; another YouTuber designed a LEGO robot with MINDSTORMS that has its own musical talent.

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