Amazing upscaled LEGO Technic 850 Fork Lift Truck

3D printing enthusiast and LEGO Technic fan Matt Denton has produced another giant LEGO model, revealed in this build video.

In the latest episode of Mantis Hacks, Matt Denton – with the help of his nephew, Reuben – builds a giant version of 850 Fork Lift Truck using 3D printed upscaled pieces. The video sees Matt build the oversized version as Reuben takes on the regular set.

850 Fork Lift Truck is the second of Matt’s oversized builds, following his previous 1972 Go Kart project. The video documenting the last build’s creation caught the imaginations of fans when it was released in August.

The next instalment of Mantis Hacks promises more about the development of the 3D printed elements used in the larger than life 850 Fork Lift Truck.


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