Amazon slashes prices on LEGO VIDIYO sets on launch day

Amazon UK has slashed the prices of LEGO VIDIYO’s BeatBoxes by 33% on their very first day on sale.

The LEGO Group’s new augmented-reality theme is anchored around six BeatBox sets, each of which includes a minifigure, a display case that doubles as an in-app stage, and a handful of BeatBits (or 2×2 printed tiles).

Those same BeatBoxes also retail for £17.99 each, which makes them a very pricey prospect for most level-headed fans. That may go some way to explaining why Amazon UK has already knocked a third off the price of all six sets, meaning you can now pick them up for just £11.99 apiece:

43102 Candy Mermaid BeatBox
43103 Punk Pirate BeatBox
43104 Alien DJ BeatBox
43105 Party Llama BeatBox
43106 Unicorn DJ BeatBox
43107 HipHop Robot BeatBox

It’s a very interesting move from the retailer, given most discounts on sets usually come a few months into their lifespan. Launch-day markdowns are practically unheard of, so a flat 33% discount across the entire wave is surprising to say the least, and suggests these products may be instant loss-leaders for Amazon.

The discount will apparently be live for two weeks, but there’s no guarantee stock will last that long. The theme’s Collectible Minifigures-style blind-boxed series 43101 Bandmates is already only available from third-party sellers, for instance.

By the way, in what seems sure to be a perpetual search engine headache for the LEGO Group, typing ‘LEGO VIDIYO’ into Amazon initially returns results for ‘LEGO video’. That definitely won’t be a problem anywhere else…

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