Bits N’ Bricks podcast discusses the relationship between LEGO minifigures and video games

The latest episode of the Bits N’ Bricks podcast dives into the relationship between the LEGO minifigure and video games.

Hosts Brian Crecente and Ethan Vincent have spoken to LEGO Senior Design Manager Tara Wike for what’s now the eighth episode in the series. Tara has worked on the Collectible Minifigures theme since it launched in 2010, so she’s well-placed to chat all things minifigures.

Bits N’ Bricks is first and foremost intended to celebrate 25 years of LEGO video games, though, so the focus is mainly on how these plastic people have evolved in the digital world – and in turn, how video games have influenced the physical characters.

You can listen to the 43-minute episode through the official LEGO Gaming YouTube channel by hitting play on the video above, or by streaming it through your preferred podcasting platform.

Last week’s episode featured an illuminating conversation with Elena Catón about the way girls interact with video games, before touching on the long-forgotten LEGO Friends game from 1999 (more than a decade before the LEGO theme of the same name).

These two episodes weren’t mentioned in the original press release for Bits N’ Bricks, so it’s really anyone’s guess what the next episode will focus on. Going by the original list, it should be the history of TT Games, but it could easily be another one-off ‘conversation’-oriented episode. We’ll let you know next week.

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