Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 1 and subscriptions available now

Issue 1 of Brick Fanatics Magazine is available for purchase now, as are 12-issue and 24-issue subscription packages that offer savings including free postage

The newly announced print publication dedicated to all things LEGO is now available for purchase worldwide via You can buy single copies of Issue 1, as well as 12-issue and 24-issue subscription packages, via the dedicated section of our website,

Purchasing the magazine is quick, simple and secure. Check out our guide on how to order Brick Fanatics Magazine for a quick run through of the process.

Inside Issue 1

Issue 1 sees Brick Fanatics tackle two of the LEGO Group’s largest releases of 2018. We delve deep into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as we lead our brand new Review+ section with a look at 71043 Hogwarts Castle, including a walkthrough from LEGO designer Justin Ramsden. We then turn attention to 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City, and improve a few of its issues with some clever modifications of our own.

Brick Fanatics also sits down with the father and son team behind an innovative charity scheme set up to bring LEGO to children in Uganda, whilst our trio of insider columnists give us a first glimpse into the unique brick lives they live, and our first trip into the LEGO archives takes us from Town to Space. We also have time to consider the LEGO Group’s foray into crowdsourcing, and pick out Batwoman for some special attention.

There’s a lot packed into the 80 A5 pages of Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 1, and it’s all available for purchase now, with delivery scheduled from October 26.

Order today

Single issues (currently Issue 1 is available), 12-issue subscriptions and 24-issue subscriptions are all available for purchase now.

Subscribing to Brick Fanatics Magazine guarantees that you’ll receive each issue as soon as it is available, and at a reduced rate – 12-issue subscriptions are available for the price of 11 issues, whilst 24-issue subscriptions are available for the price of 21 issues.

In addition, all subscriptions are offered with free postage and packaging, worldwide.

Single issues cost £5 each in the UK ($8 US, €8.25 Rest of World*) with an additional charge for postage and packaging.

A 12-issue subscription costs £55 in the UK ($88 US, €90.75 Rest of World*) with no charge for postage and packaging.

A 24-issue subscription will cost £105 in the UK ($168 US, €173.25 Rest of World*) with no charge for postage and packaging.

Subscribe by October 14 to guarantee your copy of Issue 1 arrives fresh off the printers, with delivery expected October 26. Orders placed after October 14 will be processed as soon as possible, but delivery will likely be a few days after October 26.

Subscribe now to receive Issue 1 of Brick Fanatics Magazine. Issue 2 is scheduled for release in early 2019, from when the magazine will be published monthly.

The magazine will be published on a limited print run – our subscriptions not only offer good value, but are also the only opportunity to guarantee your copy of each and every issue.

*Prices in other currencies available at checkout or by request – email [email protected]

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