Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 6 in US stores

The sixth edition of Brick Fanatics Magazine hits Barnes & Noble stores across the US today

Brick Fanatics Magazine is the print publication all about LEGO, packed with ideas, insight and inspiration to build your world of LEGO. It is available worldwide at and in stores in the UK and US.

Leading with a cover feature centred on Iron Man, this sixth issue of Brick Fanatics Magazine explores the collection of suits that 11 years of Marvel films and seven years of LEGO Marvel sets has accumulated. Tour through Tony Stark’s wardrobe thanks to an in-depth write-up and a fantastic and unique build of his workshop.

Brick Fanatics Magazine also meet with Cambridge University’s Paul Ramchandani in Issue 6 to find out exactly what the LEGO Foundation-funded Professor of Play does. It makes for a fascinating interview, including insight into how a parent’s role in play can affect development.

COVER Issue 6 final 1

One topic of discussion is the distinction – or lack thereof – between digital and physical play, something also on the lips of the LEGO Group in Issue 6’s Review+ section. Its Head of Marketing for the UK and Ireland, Marius Lang, offers some fascinating insight into the functionality of The LEGO Movie 2’s Movie Maker set.

Elsewhere, in Review+, where we offer new ways to look at LEGO sets, is some eye-catching photography to celebrate what is a truly one-off Creator Expert set, the Ford Mustang.

Brick Fanatics Magazine’s How To section – full of LEGO tips, tricks and techniques – includes a look at how to recreate a Jeep in bricks, how the likes of dragons Drogon and Toothless can be built in LEGO, a consideration for why the T-piece is so essential, and a special guide on how to build vignettes to display your Disney Collectible Minifigures.

Issue 6 of Brick Fanatics Magazine is also where you’ll find a first look at the new Stranger Things set, 75810 The Upside Down, as well as the new Star Wars BOOST combination, 75253 Droid Commander. We also consider the latest developments regarding the LEGO Group’s battle with Lepin in China, including a timeline of events so far.

We take in a classic Aquazone LEGO set with an unusual twist, remembering when some exclusives were released without fanfare and sold everywhere but the online LEGO store, and reflect on the near advent of LEGO mobile phones a decade ago.

US readers can find Issue 6 in Barnes & Noble stores across the country from today. Unsure of your nearest store? Email and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Subscribers worldwide will have received Issue 6 from as early as the end of May, will have enjoyed two weeks ago Issue 7’s Stranger Things issue and the magazine’s change to a larger print format with high definition gloss front cover, and will be a couple of weeks from receiving Issue 8 – our special edition celebrating 50 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing.

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