BrickHeadz Spider-Man and Venom to be LEGO San Diego Comic Con Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con exclusives are back for another year and this time the main event is a LEGO BrickHeadz Marvel two-pack including Spider-Man and Venom.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive first look at this rare upcoming product, only to be available to San Diego Comic Con attendees on July 20 and 22. The popular characters are expected to be a one of the most desirable event exclusives, as the LEGO sets tend to be.


The set will be 144 pieces and priced at $40. With the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie opening up several weeks ahead of the convention, which runs July 19 to 23, it’s perfectly timed to be one of the hottest items on the must-have list.

Because the demand for exclusive Lego items has skyrocketed over the past few years (these items are only available for purchase on the Con), the company has instituted a lottery system. Attendees must first visit the Pavilion Terrace to participate in a random drawing to qualify to buy beginning as early as 6 a.m. Tickets to purchase must be redeemed on the same day or the purchase is forfeited.

The selected days mentioned, and previous form, suggests that this may not be the only SDCC exclusive that the LEGO Group will be revealing.


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