BRICKLIVE bringing LEGO experiences to China

BRICKLIVE, the brand behind the large UK LEGO conventions, continues to expand around the world.

Live Company Group (LVGC) is the company that owns the BRICKLIVE brand, known to fans in the UK through large scale conventions and smaller interactive exhibits. The company has announced a contract in China that will see the opening of a second BRICKLIVE centre.

The BRICKLIVE centre in Shanghai will be run under licence by Wuhan Realjoy Children Park Management Co. Ltd – a subsidiary of Wuhan DDMC SH.600136 Culture Company Limited. The first permanent attraction in China will open in the ski resort of Fulong Chongli, China. Three more BRICKLIVE centres are planned for China this year, with plans for five more to open per year thereafter.

LVGC has also confirmed that a five year deal that will see Cross Media Group, based in Seoul, South Korea, open and operate five BRICKLIVE cafes for children in China. Under the agreement, a minimum of five Cafes will be launched in 2018, rising to 30 by the end of 2019, and 100 by the end of 2022.

With the continued expansion into China part of a strategy to push BRICKLIVE around the world, it seems that LVCG is confident in the continued demand that families will have for LEGO experiences.

LVCG’s expansion into China is part of a continued focus for the company on expanding the BRICKLIVE brand globally. In the USA, LVCG will introduce BRICKLIVE to the market after running the recent official LEGO LIVE convention.


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