Brickman says ‘store your LEGO however your mum tells you’

Ryan “Brickman” McNaught has provided sensible advice to LEGO fans around the world – listen to your mum.

During a wide ranging interview about his own love for the LEGO brick and work on LEGO MASTERS Australia, Ryan McNaught has given valuable advice to fans around the world. Also known as Brickman, the LEGO Certified Professional was asked on NewstalkZB’s the Sunday Session how he would recommend sorting LEGO elements.

“I get asked this question a lot and I have a very neutral answer. The answer is you should store your LEGO however your mum tells you to store your LEGO. That’s the best way that I’ve found,” he laughed. He did reveal that he sorts by colour, although that’s the responsibility of a couple of employees who manage his six million bricks.

Auckland, New Zealand, will host a new exhibition from the talented LEGO professional that will include a seven foot long NASA rocket. He also has a book out for Christmas – Brickman’s Family Challenge Book.

LEGO MASTERS Australia Season 3 is currently being filmed, ready to air next year on Nine.

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