Bring a touch of the exotic with 15% off 10289 Bird of Paradise

John Lewis have slashed 15% off the asking price for LEGO Icons 10289 Bird of Paradise. The Botanical Collection’s biggest buildable plant to date is down to just £76.49 in the retailer’s latest round of price drops.

The model launched in June 2021 and is by far the biggest and most expensive plant in the LEGO Botanical Collection (and no, LEGO Art 31207 Floral Art doesn’t count). Originally priced at £89.99, LEGO Icons 10289 Bird of Paradise has been reduced to just £76.49 – saving you £13.50. The 1,173-piece set is exclusive to and John Lewis, which means this is your best bet for nabbing it without paying full price.

Click here to save 15% on LEGO Icons 10289 Bird of Paradise at John Lewis.

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Native to south Africa, Bird of Paradise is one of the world’s best-known plants, known for its exotic appearance. In full flower, a bird-of-paradise looks a bit like several brightly coloured birds hidden in a clump of foliage, craning their necks up and turning their plumed heads and pointed beaks in different directions. The plant requires specific conditions – warmth, bright light and a humid atmosphere – which is a lot to ask for if you’re living in the UK (like us). It makes sense to opt for the LEGO counterpart instead, which is guaranteed to last a lot longer – and won’t die if you forget to water it.


Click here to save 15% on LEGO Icons 10289 Bird of Paradise at John Lewis.

There’s more to 10289 Bird of Paradise than first meets the eye. Unlike 10280 Flower Bouquet which requires you to supply your own vase, 10289 Bird of Paradise comes with a handy plant pot. What’s more, its vibrant flowers and huge green leaves come together to create an eye-catching display piece. The pleasing colour combination and innovative part usage are particularly impressive.

Click here to save 15% on LEGO Icons 10289 Bird of Paradise at John Lewis.

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