Classic LEGO Aquanauts sets given a new lease of life

A talented fan has added motion to classic LEGO Aquanauts sets in order to make them move underwater.

Seeing LEGO Aquanauts sets underwater, in the setting they belong, is one thing – seeing them actually move underwater is quite another. In this video, NAME demonstrates the motors he has added to classic LEGO sets in order to have them move about underwater, using hot melt glue to waterproof the electrical components.

Buoyancy proved a problem with this project, as Adam found sir getting trapped in different places in between the LEGO bricks, which led to him having to rebuild the sets while they were submerged in water.

Anyone looking to try this for themselves can ask questions in the comments section of the video, which the creative LEGO fan is happy to answer. He has also provided a link to the additional, non-LEGO items he used in order to make this project happen.

It is hard to imagine any better way to play with this underwater fantasy theme than underwater where it belongs, although some fans may not find the idea of soaking 25 year old LEGO sets particularly appealing…

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