Composer talks scoring LEGO DC Super Hero Girls animated shorts

Supporting the range of LEGO DC Super Hero Girls sets that launched this year has been a series of animated shorts, that feature the characters in mini-doll form embarking on various adventures and the challenges of high school.

Nerd Reactor interviewed composer Michael A. Levine, who worked on the soundtrack for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. He also provided the soundtrack for these LEGO DC Super Hero Girls shorts and will score the upcoming Brain Drain feature length animation.

Here’s the snippet from the interview that discusses the LEGO project:

You recently scored the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls short films.  Was there anything that surprised you about the project once you began working on it?

How much fun I’d have. I mean, you think, a superhero parody would just be straightforward superhero music clichés. But we had a marvelous time dipping into all sorts of other genres including twisted versions of tween pop music.

How would you describe your collective score for the shorts?

Energetic! And more than a little tongue-in-cheek.

We heard there is a feature coming soon, can you tell us about that?

There will be a LEGO DC Super Hero Girls feature-length DVD released at the end of the summer called Brain Drain. In it, the three central heroines go to school one day and discover everyone is mad at them for all sorts of terrible things they did the day before – but have no memory of. Pretty much sums up my high school experience.

The LEGO DC Super Hero Girls range is available now from


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