Dream job alert: the LEGO Group is hiring a new designer

If your dream job involves designing

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Technic sets, it’s time to brush off your CV, because the
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Group is hiring.

These open calls for new designers don’t come around often – the LEGO Group’s staff turnover is unsurprisingly low – so if you feel ready to fulfil those deep-seated childhood ambitions of playing with LEGO for a living, hop on over to the

page and .

The successful candidate will be based in Billund, Denmark, alongside a team of more than 300 LEGO designers. To apply, you’ll need to submit a cover letter (which the LEGO Group calls a ‘motivational letter’, for some reason), a CV and a portfolio showcasing your previous design work (and/or Technic builds).

LEGO Technic 42122 Jeep Wrangler featured

There are specific requirements for applicants, however. For instance, you’ll need a degree (or other formal education) in a relevant discipline, such as product design or mechanical engineering; communication and time management skills; an understanding of the Technic system; an ‘aesthetic talent’ (knowing what looks good, basically); and a healthy relationship with your inner child.

If we’ve just described you to a tee,

to the page and get applying. And if you do land the job as a result of us telling you about it, we’ll accept compensation in the form of juicy LEGO rumours. (Kidding, LEGO Group. We’re kidding.)

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