Every 90th anniversary LEGO set revealed so far

In case you hadn’t heard, the LEGO Group is celebrating 90 years of play with a variety of specialised LEGO sets revisiting their history.

Over the course of its 90 year legacy, the LEGO Group has released hundreds of sets under a vast array of themes, aimed at audiences young and older. For 2022, many of these product lines have been brought back in five 90th-anniversary LEGO sets.

With the date of the anniversary nearing, it seems unlikely that this will be expanded any further, though that remains a possibility, no matter how small, until the year is through.

5 – 11021 90 Years of Play

LEGO Classic 11021 90 Years of Play 3

11021 90 Years of Play was the first model under the anniversary label to be released in 2022 and it’s also the one to reference the most themes through its builds. Like many other Classic sets, 11021 90 Years of Play provides an assortment of elements to assemble into whatever you desire but comes with instructions to build multiple models based on nostalgic sets from BIONICLE, Friends, DOTS and even the wooden duck.

4 – 30510 90 Years of Cars

30510 1

Acting as an expansion of sorts to 11021 90 Years of Play, 30510 90 Years of Cars is a polybag with the same concept. This time, the elements can be arranged to create a mix of vehicles calling back to cars from the past 90 years of the LEGO Group.

3 – 40567 Forest Hideout


40567 Forest Hideout was only available as a GWP for a short period of time, but it focuses on recreating a specific set from 1988 – 6054 Forestmen’s Hideout. This build modernised the build with the updated collection of bricks currently available but kept classic parts of the design such as the black tree, blue roof and simple uniforms on the two provided minifigures..

2 – 10497 Galaxy Explorer


First revealed at LEGO CON 2022, 10497 Galaxy Explorer was one of two sets that were created as a result of the LEGO Ideas 90th anniversary contest held in 2021. Four themes entered the final round but out of Bionicle, Pirates, Classic Space and Castle, only the latter two managed to get the anniversary models after only one was initially promised. This will be released on August 1, but is available to pre-order now in the US.

1 – 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle

10305 Front 01

Also from that 90th-anniversary contest is 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle, providing a complete castle experience in one package. As you can see in the image above, a kingdom-worth of minifigures are included with horses wearing barding, buildings on the walls and there are more secrets to be found such as hidden passages and more references to the history of LEGO Castle. 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle will be launched on August 8 worldwide, or on August 3 for VIPs.

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    Where is the PIRATES 90th anniversary set? LEGO common! It is so iconic series for lego fans


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