Exclusive interview with LEGO MASTERS host Melvin Odoom

Ahead of the LEGO MASTERS final, host Melvin Odoom speaks exclusively to Brick Fanatics about becoming part of the world of the brick

With his new found status as the face of primetime LEGO television, Melvin Odoom was the perfect person to welcome fans to the LEGO Store at midnight for the launch of LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon. As well as posing for selfies and checking out the new set, the television and radio personality chatted with Brick Fanatics about LEGO MASTERS.

As with most people, Melvin’s experience with the LEGO brick is based in his childhood. ‘My aunty always used to have LEGO in the house,’ he explained. ‘I have a cousin called Leon, so we used to play with his sets and during summer holidays just play there. So I have always loved it. But when I was asked to do the show I was like, ‘I don’t know that much about LEGO’. I’m not like a master builder or anything like that.’


But that actually gave the experienced presenter the perfect credentials. ‘They were like, ‘but Melv, we want you to be like the eyes of the audience.’ Obviously I am so enthused about everything on the show. The auditions were in Greenwich at the O2, I went and saw what these guys were doing and I was just like ‘wow’. They just saw how blown away I was, that’s how I got the job I think.’

Since hosting LEGO MASTERS, Melvin has of course received a crash course in the world of LEGO building – he may not have known what a cheese slope was before, but he surely does now. The biggest takeaway from working on the series though, is something that the AFOL scene in the UK is always striving for. ‘I have done a few talent based shows, and the thing I loved about this was how everyone was supporting each other. The LEGO community is so nice, though everyone wants to win, they are still helping each other out.’


It is heartening to hear that even in a competitive environment like LEGO MASTERS, builders still want to support one another. And with the Melvin – as the eyes of the audience – spotting it, then the wider viewing public will hopefully also enjoy seeing just what a nice bunch LEGO fans are.

Although he remained tight lipped about what happens, the energetic host of the show is confident that viewers will enjoy the grand final. Let’s hope that Melvin doesn’t eek out that dramatic pause for too long in the last episode, or brick fanatics up and down the country will be falling off the edge of their seats.

The LEGO MASTERS final airs tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm. Follow @BrickFanatics on Twitter for our live-Tweeting of the LEGO MASTERS final, and check back for our review once the episode finishes at 9pm.


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