First look at LEGO Ideas 40448 Vintage Car

The first image of the long-awaited LEGO Ideas 40448 Vintage Car has finally arrived online, offering a glimpse at the contest-winning model.

Brickset dug up the set’s box art through the LEGO Group’s legal certification database. It’s a pretty small image, but you can still get a decent look at the future gift-with-purchase.

40448 Vintage Car is based on LEGO Ideas user Versteinert’s ‘Aedelsten deluxe’ concept, which took pole position in 2019’s LEGO Ideas Vintage Car fan vote. And it did so by a veritable landslide, coming in at 1,449 votes – 801 more than second place managed.

You can check out Versteinert’s original design below, along with the full image of the final model. On the face of it, they look incredibly similar – right down to the ingenious use of white surfboards for car doors. The boxed set also comes with two minifigures, just like the original concept. However, the jury’s out on whether they’ll genuinely be able to sit side-by-side.

There’s also one major difference between the models that you’ll likely have spotted straight away: 40448 Vintage Car has swapped out the chromed pieces for light grey. It’s an unfortunate but absolutely inevitable change. Chroming elements is prohibitively expensive, so it was never really on the cards for the winning vintage car.

We don’t yet know how or when 40448 Vintage Car will be available, but the set number suggests it will be a future gift-with-purchase at We’ll keep you updated.

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