Five Horizon Forbidden West characters that deserve a LEGO minifigure

Now that Horizon Forbidden West has been available for a few weeks, we’ve thought of a few characters that deserve a LEGO minifigure.

It’s still surprising to say that an official LEGO Horizon Forbidden West set – 76989 Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck – is launching on May 1. It includes the first minifigure of Aloy and to accompany our article of more brick-built machines, here are some characters that could make great minifigures to go alongside them.

This article will feature spoilers for Horizon Forbidden West, so feel free to continue playing before you read any further. Note that this is only speculation and only one Horizon Forbidden West model has been confirmed at this time.

5 – Varl

horizon forbidden west varl
Image: PlayStation

First introduced in Horizon Zero Dawn, Varl quickly joins Aloy as an important ally in Horizon Forbidden West. Without spoiling anything too major, it’s clear after playing through Horizon Forbidden West that Varl’s personality and design lend themselves well to a LEGO minifigure and he is worthy of a future spot, should the LEGO Group wish to pursue any more models based on the property.

4 – Sylens

horizon forbidden west sylens
Image: PlayStation

Acting as both a helper and a hindrance to Aloy in both games, Sylens is a mysterious character whose knowledge of the ancient world is impressive. His appearance includes blue wires woven through their skin, offering an interesting possibility for a LEGO minifigure.

3 – Erend

horizon forbidden west erend
Image: PlayStation

The Oseram captain Erend is another ally to Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn that joins her in Forbidden West and includes a brightly-coloured, fabric and leather uniform that contrasts with his tough appearance. It’s another formula that could translate well over to a LEGO minifigure and we can see the hair element from the LEGO Dimensions Mr T Fun Pack being reused for him.

2 – Kotallo

horizon forbidden west kotallo
Image: PlayStation

Kotallo could be one of the most interesting characters to approach depending on which stage of the game you might be at. Take that as your second spoiler warning as in a side quest, you can pursue a prosthetic limb for him with an appearance combining the tribal nature of the world with ancient technology.

1 – Alva

horizon forbidden west alva
Image: PlayStation

Hailing from a land that we never see in Horizon: Forbidden West known as the Quen, Alva uses an older version of the focus that could inspire another dual-moulded hair element similar to what the Aloy minifigure includes in 76989 Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck.

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