Top five LEGO Moon Knight minifigures we want to see

With the first season of Moon Knight premiering March 30, here are the top five LEGO Moon Knight minifigures we want to see released.

Marvel Studios dropped the first full trailer for its upcoming six-episode Moon Knight TV series on Monday and confirmed the Disney+ show will premiere on March 30. One of Marvel Comics’ lesser-known characters, Moon Knight was created by writer Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin and first debuted in Werewolf by Night # 32 in 1975.

Moon Knight has had a strange comic book history, but the upcoming Disney+ live-action show, starring Oscar Isaac in the lead role, should finally put the character into the mainstream spotlight. While there are currently no plans for any LEGO Moon Knight sets so far, here’s our top five list of which characters we’d like to see appear in minifigure form:

5 — Marc Spector

Moon Knight Marc Spector
Image: Marvel

A former marine, CIA operative and mercenary, Marc Spector was fatally wounded during a job in the Sudan and was placed before a statue of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. Although he appeared to die, Spector soon revived and returned to America where he waged war on evildoers as Khonshu’s ‘moon knight’. It was later revealed that Spector suffers from dissociative identity disorder and that Moon Knight (and even Marc Spector) are other identities that he lapses in and out of.

4 — Arthur Harrow

Moon Knight Arthur Harrow
Image: Marvel

As seen in the trailer, Ethan Hawke appears in the show as a shadowy cult-like figure that’s been identified as Arthur Harrow. Whilst Harrow only appeared in one issue of the Moon Knight comic book in 1985, rumours suggest that Hawke has combined the character with that of the Sun King, a cult leader villain from the Max Bemis and Jacen Burrows run on Moon Knight.

3 — Marlene Alraune

Moon Knight Marlene Alraune
Image: Marvel

In the Moon Knight comic books, Alraune is the daughter of the archaeologist Marc Spector saves whilst in the Sudan. She eventually goes on to become his partner and (eventually) the mother of his daughter. Although no member of the cast of the Moon Knight TV show has been specifically named in the role, it’s believed that May Calamawy (above) could appear as Marlene Alraune.

2 — Jean-Paul ‘Frenchie’ DuChamp

Moon Knight Frenchie
Image: Marvel

Often portrayed in a very stereotypical way in the comic books, Jean-Paul ‘Frenchie’ DuChamp is both Spector’s friend and right-hand man. He designed a number of Moon Knight’s weapons and vehicles, including the Mooncopter (yes, you read that right), which he also pilots. As with Marlene Alraune, this actor playing this character in the show (if any) has yet to be officially named.

1— Moon Knight

Moon Knight
Image: Marvel

Sometimes thought of as Marvel’s answer to Batman, Moon Knight is in fact a much more complicated character that has been reinterpreted a number of times. The upcoming TV show seems to stick fairly close to the character’s origin though, with Marc Spector taking on the role of Khonshu’s ‘moon knight’. The original version of the character was a vigilante who used various gadgets and weapons, while the Disney+ take may be giving Moon Knight much more mystical abilities.

Moon Knight is set to debut on Disney+ from March 30, with new episodes dropping weekly from then on.

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