Five LEGO Star Wars locations that would be perfect for the Master Builder Series

With LEGO 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City launching the Master Builder Series, what other Star Wars locations would be perfect for this line?

The release of LEGO Star Wars 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City has ushered in a new era of Master Builder Series (MBS) models. These seem to be expansive sets with the detail, accuracy and wallet busting price-tag of Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) sets, but focused on play rather than display. Had the label existed when it was released, it seems that 75098 Assault on Hoth would have been given the MBS label, and 75159 Death Star, certainly seems to have inspired 75222.

This new Master Builder Series may take some creative liberties with geography, but it is clearly more suited to location-based sets. It will be fascinating to see what the LEGO designers will create in the future, so here are five places from the Star Wars saga that it would be absolutely wonderful to see make it into this series…



The scorching sands of Tatooine have provided fans with plenty of scum and villainy, but never the Lars Homestead or the humble abode of Obi Wan Kenobi. Alone these sites wouldn’t be enough, but if they were combined with parts of Mos Eisley, and even Tosche Station, then it would bulk out any potential set nicely.

If the designers overlooked scale as they have in 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City then a mini Sandcrawler and T-16 Skyhopper, or even a Bantha, could add elements of role-play, while Luke Skywalker’s home itself would finally provide an excuse for an exclusive Aunt Beru minifigure.

Petranaki Arena, Geonosis


Attack of the Clones is packed with dynamic action sequences, with the most thrilling of them taking place on Geonosis. Petranaki Arena is the most visually arresting place on the planet, which would be very impressive utilising the grand scale of a MBS set. The Nexu, Acklay and Reek could be included there as brick-built beasts.

Plenty of play features could be included for Count Dooku’s duel with Yoda, such as a collapsing ceiling and falling columns. Part of the droid factory would be the perfect place to incorporate working conveyor belts along with smelting chambers to re-enact Padmé and Anakin’s capture or C-3PO and R2-D2’s escapades.

Canto Bight, Cantonica


The riotous glitz and glamour of Canto Bight would translate into a striking display piece and a fun play set simultaneously, while its opulently dressed denizens could create an eclectic minifigure line-up. The LEGO Group’s strict child-friendliness code probably means that we may not get any Pazaak tables or slot machines but a working racetrack with moulded fathiers would make galactic jockeying dreams come true.

Easily escapable prisons are staples for the LEGO design team and the main boulevard in The Last Jedi was occupied by an array of shops and cafés – who doesn’t want a Star Wars patisserie in their LEGO collection?

Jedi Temple, Coruscant


Not even a set at MBS size would capture the immense architecture of the Jedi Temple, but it could certainly try to incorporate the key elements. The circular Jedi Council with its variety of Jedi Masters would call for new moulds for minifigures and finally allow fans to complete the full line-up. The Padawan training room is a must-have as is a meditation room.

Elsewhere, Jocasta Nu would be right at home in the Jedi Archives, with shelves lined with trans-blue Holocrons. Micro-scale Jedi Starfighters would nicely fill the hangar and the Temple Gardens with the Great Tree would be a welcome bonus from The Clone Wars.

Starkiller Base


Undoubtedly the most important location from The Force Awakens, Starkiller Base could make for a great model like 75159 Death Star, as they are so similar in shape and serve a very, very similar purpose. There is no shortage of rooms to re-create, including Kylo Ren’s interrogation chamber, the infamous oscillator walkway, the main control room and a trash compacter to dump Captain Phasma into. The snowy forest where Rey and Ren duel could include working features such as collapsing trees and being able to rupture the planet’s surface.

Whatever may come in future LEGO Star Wars releases, the Master Builder Series is an exciting departure from the UCS sets that fans are used to. Scale may have to be forsaken for added detail, the overall shape of the sets may be unorthodox, but getting Star Wars locations packed with movie references is a treat in LEGO form. Fans should buckle up and enjoy this new ride – who knows where in a galaxy far, far away the LEGO Group will arrive next?

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