Four more LEGO Harry Potter minifigures coming in Bricktober set

A bunch of new sets and 20 Collectible Minifigures is clearly not enough, as four more Harry Potter characters are coming in a Bricktober set.

Toys R Us is still open in Germany, so accordingly a German catalogue from the beloved chain has revealed this year’s Bricktober sets – including one for the LEGO Harry Potter. PromoBricks shares this image of 5005254 Harry Potter minifigures, a set containing four characters with accessories. The characters included are Madam Hooch, Horace Slughorn, Dolores Umbridge and Professor Snape (Boggart).

LEGO 5005254 Harry Potter

With the early excitement around the return of the Wizarding World to the LEGO realm, this is likely to be a popular pack. What will be tricky for fans outside of Germany is that with no Toys R Us, it is unclear how these packs will be made available. Will another retailer snap them up? Will LEGO Stores offer them instead?

In Germany though, the flyer is clear – a Bricktober box will be free with any LEGO purchases worth €40 or more, or will be available to purchase for €14.99. The Harry Potter set will be available from August 27 until September 2.

The LEGO Harry Potter sets are available now at Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will be released in cinemas on November 16.


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