Four-year-old girl asks LEGO for “more girls in your magazine”

A four-year-old girl has written to the LEGO Group asking for better female representation in the company’s official magazine.

Actor Samuel West, who’s appeared in films including Van Helsing, Notting Hill and Suffragette, tweeted this morning that his daughter loves “loves Lego, football and blue, so she was delighted to get the new Lego City magazine.”

However, the youngster was apparently dismayed to find that of the 29 characters with speaking roles in the magazine’s pages, just one is a woman. What’s more, she only speaks once, “to agree with a man”, West tweeted.

As a result, the actor’s daughter swiftly penned a letter to the LEGO Group, reading, “To Lego Magazine people, can you put some more girls in your magazine please?”

It didn’t take long for West’s tweet to begin doing the rounds online, garnering hundreds of likes, retweets and comments, with dozens of people chiming in with their support.

The actor told HuffPost UK that he’s posted his daughter’s letter today (April 17). The LEGO Group hasn’t offered a response yet, but keep your eyes on Brick Fanatics for updates.

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