Hasbro attempts to block sales of LEGO DC Super Hero Girls set

Toy giant Hasbro has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to block DC Comics from using the Bumblebee character in DC Super Hero Girls.

Bumblebee appears in the LEGO set 41234 Bumblebee Helicopter, but Hasbro are looking to prevent DC Comics from using the character at all – which would lead to the merchandise being withdrawn. Hasbro are preparing to launch a movie based on the Transformers character Bumblebee, which seems to have instigated the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that DC Super Hero Girl’s Bumblebee could be confused with the Transformer of the same name. The DC version of Bumblebee originated in Teen Titans in the 1970s.


Variety reports the news of the lawsuit:

“Defendants’ and/or their licensees’ use of the Accused Mark is likely to cause consumers mistakenly to believe that the Accused Goods emanate from or are otherwise associated with Hasbro,” the suit alleges. “Such improper use of the Accused Mark by Defendants and/or their licensees is likely to cause confusion, mistake and/or deception among the public as to the source of the Accused Goods.”

Although this is just the beginning of the toy controversy, fan may want to pick up 41234 Bumblebee Helicopter sooner rather than later.


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