Introducing Blokpod!

Blokpod have gotten in touch and asked us to test their product. Séb will be putting it to the test next week when it’s arrvies but in the mean time I asked them to send us more on their product to tell you all about it, to see what you thought, so here is details of what Blokpod actually is;

Tired of sorting Bricks? Do your feet fear the floor? Well no more!  Blokpod has transformed the chore of sorting into something more. Blokpod is the newest addition to LEGO culture.

Blokpod is an adaptive, community inspired product. Blokpod was designed to grow with your Lego® collection, new filters and additional layers will be available to purchase by Spring 2016! It really is by brick enthusiasts for brick enthusiasts to adapt to your growing needs. Once you use a Blokpod you will not want or need for any other storage or sorting solution.

What is Blokpod? Blokpod is an adaptive revolutionary cylinder shaped speed sorting device. Using a PATENT PENDING adaptive motion design a simple twist unlocks the Blokpod’s top. Once open you pour in your different sized bricks, twist the container to lock and shake back and forth. The shaking motion separates the blocks by size.

Here at Blokpod we know that sorting is not fun. Sorting takes too long. How often have you found yourself dumping an entire brick kit into a box promising to sort it later?  How many times have you gone looking for a piece only to sort through an entire bin to find it?  Blokpod’s adaptive design not only takes the work out of sorting it also lets you watch it happen… In an Instant!

For kids sorting isn’t play. This is where tantrums come in. Here at Blokpod we wanted to bring an end to tantrums. We decided to make sorting part of the play. We built a product that is part sorting device, part toy and all fun!

Blokpod is sold in the UK via Amazon and is priced at £44.99


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