Kirk Kristiansen family diversifies investments

The owners of the LEGO Group, the Kirk Kristiansen family, is diversifying its investment portfolio.

Kirkbi A/S is the company through with the Kirk Kristiansen family looks after its investments, including the ownership of the LEGO Group. In addition to owning the LEGO Group, the family owns a 30% stake in Merlin Entertainments, the company behind the LEGOLAND theme parks and other attractions.

The Financial Times reports that Kirkbi A/S recently increased its stake in a support services group called ISS. The newspaper suggests that diversifying the family portfolio is in reaction to the LEGO Group’s recent fall in growth and Merlin Entertainments seeing a drop in share price. It highlights that the two stable companies can come in and out of fashion, with the LEGO Group’s growth not always guaranteed.

Kirbi A/S is still focusing investments in European industry and service businesses, with relatively traditional business models. These include Nilfisk, a manufacturer of cleaning products and Nordic Waterproofing. Given that none of these businesses is in a particularly successful period suggests that the family is seeking long term investments to hold on to.

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