Last chance to win £100 LEGO display case gift card

Time’s running out to enter our latest giveaway, which will see one lucky LEGO fan walk away with a £100 gift card for LEGO Display Cases at Wicked Brick.

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Those are the pros of joining our mailing list – but why is a Wicked Brick gift card a prize worth winning? Well, it’s all thanks to the otherwise unmanageable problem all LEGO fans must face at some point in their collecting journey: dust. Leave it too long, and its impact can be damaging, caking in and ruining all those builds you worked so hard to buy and put together.

Enshrining your most-loved models inside a display case doesn’t just show it off – though it definitely does that, especially if you opt for one of Wicked Brick’s printed backgrounds – but also protects it from the never-ending (and inevitable) wrath of dust. £100 goes a long way at Wicked Brick, too, allowing you to grab a few smaller Display Cases, or something really big and impressive.

We’re talking Display Cases for the likes of 21332 The Globe, 76193 The Guardians’ Ship and 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet. If you don’t mind frequent dusting and are after something a little more dynamic, Wicked Brick also offers display stands to elevate your Star Wars ships, Batmobiles and Creator Expert vehicles, sending them soaring through the sky. (Don’t say you haven’t dreamed about a flying Ford Mustang.)

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This giveaway is open to newsletter subscribers worldwide, and will run until April 1 at noon UK time. All existing subscribers will be entered automatically. We reserve the right to re-draw winners if prizes are not claimed within 48 hours after being notified. Good luck!

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