Last week to support and order first run LEGO FORMA products

It is the last week for fans in the UK and USA to support the new LEGO FORMA sets and be the first to own these unique new products.

A new LEGO product line, FORMA, was announced in September. Since then, fans who want to own the first run of this new theme have been crowdfunding the sets on Indiegogo. There is just one week left to support the project and guarantee one of the new sets when they launch.

81000 Koi Model is priced at $45 or about £35, with the skins priced at $15 or about £12. For $85 or £67, fans can buy all four sets at a slight discount. Customers pay for the product now at Indiegogo, as technically the sets are crowdfunded not pre-ordered, then the item will be delivered between January and March 2019.

Only 294 pieces are used to build the 81000 Koi Model, which measures 27.9cm high and 12.7cm wide. The body is built using Technic elements, before the foil skin is added. A crank at the base of the model allows the fish to simulate lifelike movements. The main set will be presented in lift box packaging similar to the way that LEGO Architecture and some LEGO Ideas sets are presented.

Fans can order the new LEGO FORMA sets from Indiegogo.


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