LEGO 10276 Colosseum rumoured for November

A new LEGO set is rumoured to be coming in November – 10276 Colosseum – and the Roman landmark is expected to use over 9,000 pieces.

The image above shows Ryan McNaught’s Colosseum model, not the rumoured LEGO set.

Fans who have been waiting for a new landmark set could be in luck this November, as LEGO 10276 Colosseum is rumoured to be a new 18+ set that will recreate Rome’s most famous historical building. The Brick Fan reports the news, with Eurobricks users claiming the piece count will be 9,035 pieces, making it the largest set by quite a margin (75192 Millennium Falcon currently holds the record).

Had the set been released before it was retired, the model would have been part of the Creator Expert theme, but will now be an 18+ set.

The LEGO Group may have already teased this set, as the Colosseum can be seen in the box art on 10271 Fiat 500. It was built in 70-80AD, east of the Roman Forum, and could hold more than 50,000 spectators.

Until there is an official announcement, this rumoured information should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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