New LEGO Botanical Collection puzzle revealed and available now

The ever-expanding range of

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puzzles has grown with a new item inspired by the two sets in the Botanical Collection. 


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Group’s line of brick-based puzzles has recently seen another entry join it with 5007851 Brick Botanicals 1,000-Piece Puzzle now available on the official online store. 

At £15.99 / $22.99 / €18.99, the puzzle is in the same price range as many of the other 1,000-piece puzzles on


LEGO 5007851 Botanical collection puzzle

As suggested by the generic naming convention, 5007851 Brick Botanicals 1,000-Piece Puzzle is based on the LEGO Botanical Collection and specifically appears to use just two models for its imagery.

and parts of
10280 Flower Bouquet

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are featured in the image that the puzzle uses. 

Its arrival times well with upcoming events including Mother’s Day in March in the UK as well as the relatively recent release of

and . 

Those who enjoy a puzzle can pick it up alongside the LEGO Ideas puzzle based on a fan-submitted design – 5007067 LEGO IDEAS Minifigure Space Mission Puzzle – as well as other 1,000-piece puzzles for a break from building with bricks. 

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