LEGO Brawls PC demo launches to let you try the brawler

A demo for the previously Apple Arcade-exclusive LEGO Brawls has launched on Steam, offering you a chance to try it out before it’s out on PC.

The Steam page for LEGO Brawls has been updated with the option to download a demo. A release date for the game on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch has not yet been revealed other than summer 2022, though this suggests that it’s ready to go.

LEGO Brawls steam page

We can confirm that the demo is downloadable at the time of writing and those who do choose to try out the demo and wishlist the game on the platform will get the Video Game Champ minifigure, as well as their emote and parts to make your custom minifigure within the game too.

The demo appears to be a timed version of the full game, with a percentage bar ticking up to 100% as you play when it presumably stops you from playing any further. It also doesn’t reveal any further details of when we can expect LEGO Brawls to launch widely, though at least it’s currently playable for those without an Apple device.

We had a look on PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo eShop but we couldn’t find any sign of a demo on those platforms just yet. It’s currently scheduled to release widely in summer 2022, and you can see what themes the game includes by clicking here.

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