LEGO CEO says coronavirus outbreak will not impact China strategy

According to the LEGO Group CEO, Niels B. Christiansen, the company’s China strategy will not be impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

As the LEGO Group unveils upcoming products at New York Toy Fair, CEO Niels B. Christiansen has confirmed in an interview that the coronavirus outbreak in China will not affect the company’s plans there.

The LEGO leader told China Global Television Network: “We will continue in China like we have been doing, like we are doing. We continue investment, continue building our organization, continue trying to get the LEGO brand to many more families and kids in China.”

With China the production powerhouse of much of the toy industry, factory shutdowns due to the coronavirus outbreak have impacted supply chains.

“They [The government] have taken very serious measures quite quickly and come up with pretty clear guidelines,” says Christiansen in the interview. “We’ve been following those guidelines and are pretty confident that kind of concrete measures would be a good way to deal with it.”

The LEGO Group has a strategy of expansion in China as the company struggles to continue the annual growth it has enjoyed in Europe and the USA over the past decade.

Niels B Christiansen

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