LEGO Creator Expert 10265 Ford Mustang review

Do the racing stripes, supercharger and spoiler make LEGO Creator Expert 10265 Ford Mustang the ultimate LEGO muscle car?

Price: £119.99 / $149.99 / €129.99  Pieces: 1,471  Available: Now

Today, the LEGO Group announced the latest Creator Expert set today, 10265 Ford Mustang. Seeking to capture an iconic 1960s American automotive icon, this detailed model uses hundreds of dark blue pieces to recreate the classic muscle car. The set includes optional features that can be used to customise the Mustang, for those who want to give it additional personality.

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In both size and weight the box already feels like a quality set and worth the price tag. The blue theme in the box design is a great choice in keeping with the classic colour of the Mustang and the traditional LEGO blue instruction pages.

The set is split into six bags, most with an additional internal bag for small pieces and as I spread out the bags it feels like a good mixture of complexity and intelligent construction lies ahead. The array of Mustang blue coloured pieces is striking.

The instruction booklet has been well has been well considered and begins with several stylish introduction pages featuring some history of the original classic car but also some guidance and insight into the features of the set. By all measures the set has all of the functions you would expect such as passenger doors, trunk and hood that all open to reveal internal design, but there are also optional customisations available such as a spoiler, a supercharger and a range of licence plates.

The first bag develops into a central core structure and already it begins to feel nostalgic, leading to memories of building basic cars out of a few Technic bars and some wheels from younger days, but this begins to develop into a sizeable skeleton quickly.

Facts about the history of the Mustang are included occasionally throughout the book and are a charming touch, adding to the experience of building a LEGO Ford Mustang, not just a LEGO set.

After a few bags the steering mechanism and motor is installed. The engine cabling is a really interesting piece and not something I’ve seen before. Flexible plastic that is softer than the long poseable plastics in some LEGO sets, you bend these with some pressure to reach into place and they complete the engine design perfectly.

Applying stickers to a few placements on the engine tiles is no problem, although it seems a shame to use stickers given the unavoidable variation in colour between blue sticker and blue plastic, when pieces such as the flat tile stud with the Mustang logo are printed and look much better.

The printed side stripe pieces used on 10265 Ford Mustang are certainly a highlight of the design, and do feel great to hold, although while it may seem an unreasonable expectation, it is disappointing the stripes do not print quite to the edge of the piece. The millimetre gap of printing between each tile causes the smooth stripe to be stuttered with gaps, thankfully only slightly detracting from the aesthetic.

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The seats are an intelligent design and an excellent representation of leather padded seats, they are a joy to construct and fit into place.

Often with this set, especially when constructing the rear of the body panels and tail lights, I would find myself uncertain as to what the currently under construction section is for, only for it to slot perfectly into a place and lead to me being thoroughly impressed by the confidence and creativity in the model’s design.

Fitting the outer body to the car feels like outfitting a genuine vehicle, and as the side panels align, the visual impact of the blue is fully realised. While I thought the colour choice was good based on the box, seeing the set complete has made me grateful as it is a perfect shade for this model.

The five-point wheels are some of the new exclusive pieces, and when fitted they do perfectly compliment the overall design of the car, despite striking me as unremarkable when I saw them for the first time.

Upon completion of the set I feel like the design is perfect and the construction was a joy, despite some intricacies that required dextrous fingers. The included customisations are a fun addendum, though personally I feel that the car sits better without them – a classic should look classic – but while I will put them into storage for now, it’s great to know the option is there to change up the look in future.

The LEGO Creator Expert 10265 Ford Mustang is an excellent set. The colour is phenomenal and the size of the completed model is perfect for display or play, and the experience of building, while only slightly laborious in some internal complex parts, is on the whole an excellent balance of intelligent LEGO design and an authentic Ford Mustang experience.

A truly great set for anyone who has a passion for the design of the Mustang, or looking for their first Creator set experience.

This product was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

10265 Ford Mustang will be available at from March 1. You can help support Brick Fanatics’ work by using our affiliate links.

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  • 22/11/2021 at 11:50

    Dont know much about mustangs. Why is it called 10265? Im aware of the shelby gt500 and others but never heard of that model. Buying for my boyfriend. His favorite is 1964 1/2. Dont know if lego makes those. Thanks in advance


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