LEGO DC Super Heroes 853744 Knightmare Batman Accessory Set revealed

A new LEGO DC Super Heroes minifigures set is on the way, with 853744 Knightmare Batman Accessory Set expected to arrive in September.

In Batman v Superman, a bizarre dream sequence foreshadowed events that would have been relevant in the later two part Justice League film. Zack Snyder’s vision for those two movies never materialised, with the sequels condensed into last year’s Justice League, that jettisoned certain storylines. That has not stopped the LEGO Group from picking up on that scene though in the [geot exclude_country=”United States”]DC Super Heroes[/geot][geot country=”United States”]DC Super Heroes[/geot] theme with 853744 Knightmare Batman Accessory Set.

The Brick Fan has discovered this new set, that looks set to be released on September 1.

LEGO DC Super Heroes 853744 Knightmare Batman Accessory Set

Here is the official product description:

Let the battle commence against the Parademons with this LEGO DC Super Heroes 853744 Knightmare Batman Accessory Set. This cool toy for kids features Batman’s turret with 2 stud shooters and 3 minifigures with assorted weapons, including the new-for-September-2018 Knightmare Batman minifigure and his rifle with an attachable LEGO tile of The Joker’s face.

-Includes a new-for-September-2018 Knightmare Batman and 2 Parademon minifigures with detachable wings.
-Batman’s turret features 2 stud shooters.
-Weapons include Batman’s rifle (with an attachable decorated LEGO tile of The Joker’s face) and the Parademons’ 2 stud shooters.
-Recreate the famous Knightmare scene from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.
-Turret measures over 1” (3cm) high and 1” (5cm) wide.

The current LEGO DC Super Heroes sets are available now from [geot exclude_country=”United States”][/geot][geot country=”United States”][/geot].


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