LEGO Deadpool movie spoilers spoof sets

I am so excited for Deadpool and I think everyone else I know is also looking forward to it. One thing I have really enjoyed with the build up to this film is the awesome way it has been marketed, they have really thought outside the box, with everything from Ryan Reynolds doing strange things, to Instagram images and more. Unless you have been living under a rock the movie is every where!!

So what has this got to do with LEGO I hear you scream……. well yesterday over on Twitter Ryan Reynolds in true toy fair fashion posted images of two spoof LEGO sets containing so called movie spoilers. I just laughed out loud with the tongue in cheek sets and love how he is breaking the wall with the media campaign for the movie.

The two spoof sets are;

  • 6969 Deadpool Space Squid Shark Balloon Battle, contains 1991 pieces
  • 2016 Deadpool Hot Dogs Moose and Owl, contains  8675309 pieces or Jenny’s number.

While these sets are not official they are created with genuine LEGO elements, brilliant! 😎



Via The Brick Fan



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