LEGO designers talk LEGO DOTS

Two of the LEGO designers behind LEGO DOTS have talked about coming up with the new theme.

In a new video from the LEGO Group, LEGO designers Laura Perron and Chiara Biscontin discuss their work on LEGO DOTS and explain how the theme was developed.

“It’s all about experimentation and failing and gaining success, trying things that work and trying things that doesn’t work,” says LEGO Designer Laura Perron.


“As a designer our aim is to create something where kids would feel they can create it and make it their own and not doubt themselves,” says Chiara Biscontin.

DOTS is a new way to express yourself in a really simple and intuitive way. The way that we designed it is that you have the plates, the brick and then the tile. DOTS is using the tile as the core of what you do to decorate that plates that than go on to a structure that is useful.”

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