LEGO DOTS designer video explores 41938 Creative Designer Box

Two LEGO designers are joined by Australian artist Rachel Burke in the latest LEGO DOTS designer video.

The short video explores LEGO DOTS 41938 Creative Designer Box and what you can do with it. Chiara Biscontin, one of the creators behind the set, shows how you can build the five designs explained in the instructions, but also encourages you to get creative and explore other possibilities.

She then invites Fred André, a LEGO Minecraft designer, to join her and the pair build together with the bricks from 41938 Creative Designer Box. Because they’re not done with the fun then, they also invite Rachel Burke, an Australian artist and designer, into the video to share her own creations.

This video comes just shortly after another LEGO DOTS designer video, highlighting the varied possibilities of 41936 Pencil Holder. For any of these sets, the videos highlight that you can do a lot even with the smaller builds, letting your imagination run wild.

See what each of the builders made by clicking on the video link above, or explore all the new LEGO DOTS summer sets here. The LEGO Group have also showcased further fun creations using DOTS pieces, like making flags from around the world.

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